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Personal Freedom is Within Your Reach With the right team, getting from idea to results can be achieved with a clear pathway for success. We can assist you, contact us today!


Getting from idea to execution can be difficult, if you don't know the industry! That's where we come in...we know how to take your product to market.

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We can partner with you and provide an experienced team with over 20 years of proven results in business strategy, sales & marketing, product sourcing, marketing and business development, and continuing education.

What We Do

Do you have a unique business concept or an innovative new product idea? Do you have a desire to start your own business or take your product to market?

If you do, we want to talk with you! Our company focuses on assisting our peers in launching your ideas! So whatever your dreams of future financial or personal freedom by owning your own company, let us help you get there!

What's Your Future Vision?

We will help you get there!

Getting from idea to execution can be difficult, if you don’t know the industry! That’s where we come in…we know how to take your product to market.


Covering the whole process from business start up, business plans & startegy to patent & trademarking.


Keeping an eye on all the vital elements that needs to be brought together and managed to work in harmony.


Building your brand form graphic & web design, through to online marketing and Social Media management

Our team

We are passionate about enriching the lives of our peers. Our goal is to work together and build personal freedom and healthier living. By offering customized business solutions to assure our partners success, we achieve our goal of helping their dreams come true. We live by the motto, “Basics, Balance & Belief,” Where positive living in balanced moderation for all things is valued.

Pamela Runge


Pamela J. Runge, RDH, BS, MBA – Founder & President Motivated Entrepreneur, Leadership Training Skills, Business Consultant, Product Development, Professional Clinician

Martin Handfield

Managing Director & CSO

Martin Handfield, MS, PhD has a successful background in cutting edge research and development of products for the dental industry.

Tonie Konig

Marketing Automation Specialist

Digital marketing strategist, specializing in local SEO, Reputation Marketing and Marketing Automation for Dental Offices, increasing website conversions and patients.