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SureWet™ Technology

Innovative Point of Use Solution: Assures higher standard of care with patent-pending “just in time” wetting solution (contact time, EPA compliance)

Critical Needs for Disinfectant Wipes

  • Assure Cleaning & Disinfectant Efficacy (users avoid contact with bacteria & virus, such as COVID)
  • Reduce Incidents of Cross-Contamination (HAI or hospital acquired infections*)
  • Increase Contact Time Compliance (EPA, CDC & Manufacturer label requirements for “kill times”)
  • Convenient Packaging (time saving & easy to use product application)

*1 in 25 hospital patients acquire a HAI (Leapfrog, 2015), of which 4 out of 5 are directly related to disinfectant lack of proper contact time (Key Market Trends, I&I Industry Wipes, 4/20)


  • Packaging Innovation: A novel invention for towelette wipes that provides a more complete wetting solution.
  • Unique Benefit: Towelette cap features a built-in liquid reservoir that may be pre-filled & refilled as needed.*
  • JIT Solution: Wipes pass through liquid solution* in cap assuring “just in time” desired wetness at time of use.
  • Exclusive Market Advantage: Utility patent pending by Peer Innovations, LLC, all rights reserved.

*Cap reservoir solution must be the same liquid formula as the pre-wet towels in canister below to assure compliance with EPA registered disinfection products.  Alternatively, dry wipes may be used in canister with a solution of choice added to cap reservoir for other applications

Disinfectant Market Challenges

  • Product (formulas & claims): Duration of contact time exposure is of primary concern. Wipes must remain wet long enough to meet registered EPA label requirements.
  • Packaging (design challenges): Inconsistently saturated, pre-wet wipes with disinfectant solutions tend to dry out quickly due to high alcohol content, environmental waste issues.
  • People (user error liability): Compliance issues, due to lack of education, do not read labels, improper use, tubs left open, time constraints.

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Sure Wet™ is a registered trademark of Peer Innovations, LLC.  All rights reserved.

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Sure Wet™ Technology

  • Innovative Point of Use Solution: Assures higher standard of care with patent-pending “just in time” wetting solution (contact time, EPA compliance)
  • First to Market Leadership: By partnering with Peer Innovations, your brand will illustrate “first to market” innovative packaging that provides a better solution for current packaging.
  • Increase Consumer Confidence: With Sure Wet’s value-add story, customers will appreciate the convenient “easy to use” simple re-wetting packaging solution with an adjustable wetness dial on the cap.
  • Cost Efficient Packaging Design: Sure Wet’s patent-pending design delivers a cost-efficient simple packaging improvement for manufacturers and supply chain customers, with multiple market and product applications. Our innovation team can provide custom designs for your packaging according to specific needs.